“Big girls need big diamonds.”
Elizabeth Taylor


At Pomeroy's we are always looking for the unique, eye-catching fine pieces that set us apart from other jewelers. From fun and fashionable sterling silver to rare gemstones in exquisite mountings, we have jewelry and watches for every style and every occasion. Each item is handpicked by the owner and her staff, with careful regard to design, quality of workmanship, and reasonable pricing. We pride ourselves on shopping smart, so the work is done for you- our prices are usually 30-40% lower than most other fine jewelers.  Pomeroy Jewelers makes it as easy to find that ideal gift.



We thought we might help you to make some decisions about purchasing gems by providing you with some basics about the most common gem stones. Pomeroy Jewelers feels that an educated customer is a happy customer. Click here to read more on the various gem stones.



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